You are a Star!

You are a star! Yes you. I know that may sound crazy but I want you to hear me out. You are a star in your own little, or sometimes big world. A lot of us wear different hats, maybe mother, sister, aunt, dad, uncle or grandparent. We also wear a hat at work, maybe respiratory therapist like me, policeman or even elementary school teacher. It doesn’t matter what profession you have chosen, you are a star where you work. If you work at a fast food place you are the star when you hand the customer that bag with the savory cheeseburger loaded with crisp hot french fries. When I help a patient to breathe, I am their star. At home you’re probably a super star, especially if you are a mom or dad. We are Kings and Queens to our kiddos and I do believe they think we can do no wrong, well at least until puberty. So to them we are super stars. To other family members you are a super star too, maybe you just don’t realize it. So I don’t know if any of you had aspirations of being a star but I am here to tell you, you already are. Now go out and shine brightly, do good in the world and help others to shine too. That is the truest form of humility, to lift up another. Until next time many blessings!

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Fran Speake

Riveting-Shocking-Edgy-Emotional. These are just some of the words people use when describing this true life story of born-again Christian, Fran Speake. Suffering severe emotional neglect as child, at a young age she went out searching for answers and trying to find her own true identity. It seems no matter where she looked, no matter where she turned, every corner was met with another tragedy. Going from one relationship to another, she eventually tried to settle down and married the cousin of the infamous rock star, Eddie Van Halen. In her story she recalls what it was like "running with the devil" -- of having lived through her own personal struggles and a life of drug addiction. For the first time, author, Fran Speake pulls back the curtains and reveals her inner most secrets; Of how she went from a life of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, drug addiction, and low self esteem to becoming a woman of God. She believes her entire life turned around when she experienced divine intervention. She is now living a life with God, through Jesus Christ and gives thanks for her transformation each and every day.

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