“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!”
(1 John 3:1, NIV)

Welcome and thank you for stopping by.

I hope by visiting my web site you will learn who I am, where I’ve been, and how God turned my life around and healed me from the inside out. My prayer in sharing this with you, is that you will now find your own personal path to God and realize that you belong to Him, that He wants only the best for YOU.

I want to personally invite you to come along with me on my journey — A journey from living a life of pain and despair to living a life of joy through Him.

Yes, YOU really are a “Child of God”!

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I was at the grocery store this morning and heard a loud crash and something shattering. Being nosy, I walked towards the sound and saw some people whispering and looking back to the end of the next aisle. When I walked down that aisle, I saw an older lady had hit a shelf containing dishes with her cart and many had fallen to the ground and broke. She was kneeling on the floor [...]

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Daughter of the King: Finally Free

This month I wanted to give you, my followers, a sample of my book so I have included the first two chapters. I hope you enjoy them and will want to read the book in its entirety. At the bottom I have included the link to amazon and franspeake.com to make it easier if you would like to purchase. I would love to hear back from any of you after you have read it. I am looking forw [...]

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Dreams Come True

Don’t ever let it be said that dreams do not come true, they absolutely do. Matter of fact scripture tells us in the 37thPsalm, verse 4… “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart”   Here’s the thing though, God knows better than even we do what the desires of our heart really are. Five years ago, today, Oct. 23, 2013, I boarde [...]

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The adventures of a little lost Bible…

Approximately one year ago this Bible was lost on a spiritual retreat I attended. It was on crystal beach in Galveston. It was a beautiful weekend with about 30 other women, all there to share their experience, strength and hope, to glorify God and show gratitude for the sacrifice He made by sending His son Jesus to save the world. It was abou [...]

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Ready For a New Beginning?

Hear how God changed my life and how He can change yours too.