About Fran Speake

Fran300x308About Author & Speaker, Fran Speake

Fran was born in New Jersey at the tail end of the baby boomer years, and is the youngest of three girls.  Her parents moved to Texas when she was three years old and grew up in a suburb of Houston called Alief.

She lived a pretty wild life when she was a teen. In fact, Fran was even married to a cousin of the infamous rock band leader, Eddie Van Halen.

Fran’s hope is that she can be a good example and role model for others who have also been in similar situations — Someone who has had a life full of obstacles and turmoil can turn it around for the better.

One of Fran’s co-workers once said to her,

“I’m not worried about you, Fran, you always get up”

And up she is… she is up to the task of writing a book that she believes was divinely instructed by God himself.

Once you read this book,  you too will see his hand and intervention throughout her life.
Rescuing, protecting and supplying all of her needs —  the biggest being the love that had eluded her most of her life.

Her biggest desire now is to share her amazing story with YOU, so that you too might find this loving, all powerful God.

Once you do, your life will take on a whole new meaning and you will finally stop struggling from all the things that have tried to destroy you.


Ready For a New Beginning?

Hear how God changed my life and how He can change yours too.