About Fran Speake’s Book


These are just some of the words people use when describing this true life story of resiliency expert, Fran Speake.

Suffering severe emotional neglect as a child, at a young age she went out searching for answers and trying to find her own true identity. It seems no matter where she looked, no matter where she turned, every corner was met with another tragedy.

Tired of jumping from one relationship to another, she finally made an attempt to settle down and married the cousin of the infamous rock stars, Eddie and Alex Van Halen. In her story she recalls what it was like “running with the devil”– of having lived through her own personal struggles and a life of drug addiction.

For the first time, author Fran Speake pulls back the curtains and reveals her innermost secrets of how she went from a life of physical, sexual and emotional abuse, drug addiction, and severe co-dependency to becoming a confident woman of God.

Anyone who has ever felt lost, left or abandoned will benefit from Fran’s heart-wrenching, but ultimately victorious, tale of self-discovery.

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Thank you and be blessed!

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