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Hello to all our followers here at Daughter of the King (DOTK)! I want to take a minute first and apologize for being absent the last four months; this has been a very eventful year. As a lot of you know, here at DOTK, we had to scramble earlier in the year and find a new publisher and although there were several offers on the table, we wanted to be much more thorough and patient this time. I believe we hit the jackpot with Palmetto Publishing Group and they have been extremely helpful in every way. However, with this came a great deal of edits and a few changes. It was similar to editing with the first release, beginning with edit-give to the publisher-they correct it-give it back to check, and upon checking we would find more corrections and the process would repeat. This went on at least a half dozen times. I do think we cleaned up a lot of the grammatical and sentence structure errors in the first edition that were missed with the initial publisher, and for that I am grateful and happy we took our time. Also, on a more personal note, I spent most of this year studying and taking two different board exams to achieve a higher credential in the field of Respiratory Care and am now, after twenty four years, a Registered Respiratory Therapist.

With all that being said, I wanted to take a minute to give you an update about the re-launch and share the new cover with you. We had a contest on social media and most of you picked this one. I am very happy to say this was my choice as well and the way I envisioned and described it originally. To keep it on a positive note, I will just say the last four years have been another huge learning curve for me with lots of valuable lessons. Isn’t that what life is all about anyway?

This week Amazon will have the book back up for sale in soft back and e-book. We will also have it on We wanted to let our followers know that if you order from, we will send you a signed copy from now through the end of the year. Please take advantage of that offer.

Lastly, I wanted to let you guys know I will be on the The Morning Show with Bill and Joel on WDUN AM550/FM102.9, Monday Dec.11th around 6:40am CST or 7:40am ET. The topic will be Speaking out on the Power of Prayer. Hope you guys can tune in. They are out of Gainesville,GA so you may have to have internet radio to listen if you are not in the area.

Stay tuned for our holiday newsletter and blog post as well as all new contests. Also, we are looking forward to sharing excerpts out of the book in the coming weeks and we’d like to start the conversation regarding man made religion and the controversy around it. As always here at DOTK, we want to remind you how much God loves you and desires great things for you beginning with His unconditional love and so do we.


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Riveting-Shocking-Edgy-Emotional. These are just some of the words people use when describing this true life story of born-again Christian, Fran Speake. Suffering severe emotional neglect as child, at a young age she went out searching for answers and trying to find her own true identity. It seems no matter where she looked, no matter where she turned, every corner was met with another tragedy. Going from one relationship to another, she eventually tried to settle down and married the cousin of the infamous rock star, Eddie Van Halen. In her story she recalls what it was like "running with the devil" -- of having lived through her own personal struggles and a life of drug addiction. For the first time, author, Fran Speake pulls back the curtains and reveals her inner most secrets; Of how she went from a life of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, drug addiction, and low self esteem to becoming a woman of God. She believes her entire life turned around when she experienced divine intervention. She is now living a life with God, through Jesus Christ and gives thanks for her transformation each and every day.

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